About Us


Tiny Twigs Baby & Kid was founded by owner Emily Dilloway. When she’s not in the shop, she’s in the portrait studio, Emily Robin Photography, capturing life's most treasured moments. On those days, you’ll see her mom, Lori. Lori is the world’s greatest grandma (Nanny to her grandchildren) and has been dubbed the In-House Nanny. Her arms are always free to hold a baby while you shop and she is quite generous when it comes to handing out treats to her little visitors. Emily is also blessed with her own kids that are sporadically taking over for mom. No matter who you catch at Tiny Twigs Baby & Kid, we are all equally excited to see you and your littles.

what are we?


When are we?

Tiny Twigs Baby & Kid is open from 10 am - 5 pm, Wednesday thru Saturday.

Where are we?

Tiny Twigs Baby & Kid is located at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, on the vibrant and hopping Main Street of historic downtown Sheridan. 415 N. Main St., in Sheridan Wyoming.

Why are we?